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11 Sep 1996

[New] multiple monitorsBeyond Repair
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem(Eberhard Moenkeberg)
[New] New release of e2fsprogs: version 1.05 [email protected] ...
  Re: NE2000 Module Problem (Try this patch) [email protected] ...
  Re: Five backdoors in secure modeJF Martinez
[New] Re: /proc permissions (Only read if interested in the result)Andi Gutmans
[New] Tiny patch to linux-2.0.18/MAINTAINERSJulian Thompson
  debug output on consoleMogens Melander
  Re: Process migrationAlexandre Maret
  Re: NFS as a module / kerneld questionPeter Desnoyers
[New] SB16 initialisation - successDuncan Roe
[New] Re: NE2000 Module Problem (Try this patch)Jacques Gelinas
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