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SubjectRe: CD ROM Troubles
On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Anthony Tuininga wrote:

> Hi,
> I just acquired a copy of Personal Empress for Linux and tried to install it
> on my machine -- it failed miserably on the uncompress from the CD ROM.
> Apparently at some point during the uncompress tar runs into a problem and
> bails out. If I copy the file (which is about 15MB in size) onto the hard
> drive and try it, I get the same problem. If I perform a diff on the copied
> file and on the file on the CD ROM it tells me that the files are different!
> Something very strange is going on! I tried it under kernel 1.3.15 to see if
> anything new had caused problems but that didn't help any either. I just
> upgraded to version 2.0.17 and the problem actually seemed to get worse (the
> tar error occurs much earlier in the archive). Any help on this problem
> would be much appreciated! :-)

I've seen the same problem. The data seems to get corrupted when read
from te CD. When I mount it, I use the option cruft=yes and it gets a
little better, but the problem remains :(

> Oh, I did find a workaround for this problem -- I copied it under MS DOS
> and then uncompressed, which worked, so the CD ROM drive is not faulty.

That's what I do...

> I am running kernel 2.0.17 (was 2.0.8) and the CD ROM drive as detected
> by the kernel on startup is a Hitachi CDR-7730, ATAPI CD ROM drive. I am
> using the default ATAPI driver.

Same problem, same driver...
BTW I've experienced the same problem under NT 3.0 (don't yell at me, I
only use it because I HAVE TO, don't like it ;).
Could it be that the CD-ROM is faulty and they fix it by software in the
DOS driver?

> Anthony

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