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SubjectRE: 64M -> 128M upgrade problem

On 09-Sep-96 Mike Field wrote:
>I have been having some serious/curious problems in trying
>to increase RAM on my machine from 64Mb to 128Mb.

>Motherboard: Tyan Tomcat I, P90, 512kb cache
>(with tag ram chip), latest bios (v3.02 award).

>System works fine with 64Mb. No problems at all.
>Changed to 128Mb. Set cache at 512Mb in BIOS.

>System recognized memory of 128Mb.

>VFS mounted root (ext2file system) readonly
>(MUCH _clicking_ from hda)
>hda: read_intr: status=0x59 {DriveReady SeekComplete DR (lost this) Error}
> error=0x10 {SectorId Not Found}, LBAsector=267458767, sector 98330

>Back to BIOS. After setting everything to defaults,
>I finally found out that setting cache back to 64Mb limit fixed everything.
> I don't believe there is a problem with the extra RAM.
> (In fact it was a replacement for earlier faulty RAM
> which even the BIOS threw up on.)

Probably correct.

> I can believe there might be a problem with motherboard but
> the errors do seem odd to say the least.

Not a problem as you might expect. I believe your motherboard
uses a Triton chipset. That chipset cannot (ever) cache more
than 64MB.

> I can believe there is a kernel problem.

Not likely. Although the the fact that kernel 2.0.7 indicated
lost interrupts and 2.0.17 did not may shed some light on the
problem the folks with SMP boxes are having with post 2.0.14

> I can also believe there is a BIOS problem.

Yes, I don't think that a BIOS for a Triton based board should
have an option to cache more than 64MB.

>I would appreciate some help or suggestions.

Done :) I think.


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