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SubjectRe: serial ports

> Ronald Hesper <> wrote:
> > The problem is that the ISA bus architecture uses edge-triggered interrupts.
> Sorry to disappoint you, but that's just plain wrong. I mean, it's
> not the problem. :-)
> [...]

OK, I stand corrected. No eggs please :-). I was merely speaking from
experience with interrupts in micro controllers and such. I didn't know that
IBM botched it so badly. Well, this probably rules out interrupt sharing on
an ISA bus. At least, without some hardware hacking (as several people pointed
out), which is not _that_ hard, but not really worthwile (I think) if you can
get a cheap multi-port board.

Sorry for the confusion.


Ronald Hesper

> cb
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> Chris Blum PGP encrypted mails welcome

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