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SubjectRe: serial ports

> I have **never** seen a multi-uart card using the COM1/2/3/4 addresses
> that has **ever** had the extra logic required for doing electrically
> correct ISA interrupt sharing. And I say this with 10 years of
> experience in the PC/ISA "architecture" (if you can call it that without
> abusing the term "architecture" too much).

Lava 2-port card (model DSERIAL-550). Uses a Startech ST16C552CJ.
Supports: I/O ports for COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4 (all labeled that way).
Interrupts 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15 and 9 (labeled as 2).

I bought 2 last week, and have 1 in front of me as I write this.

> The reason why I reacted so angrily to you note is because I'm tired of
> hearing people complain about why they've tried to use COM1 and COM3 on
> some cheap $10 (in your words) "generic ones that you can pick up at
> most computer parts desks", AND THEY DON'T WORK. I'm tired of sending
> the same e-mail messages over and over and over again.

You didn't read my messages did you? I never said _ALL_ cards work.

So you are willing to spread mis-information to save you the trouble
of replying to a message? In other words, you don't mind lying if
it saves you effort?

Feel free to FORWARD all such E-Mail to me. I'll happily take the
time to explain the TRUE FACTS to those that are looking for them.
Unlike you, I'm not prepared to sacrifice the truth in order to save
myself effort. Truth always has a cost, but it is worth it IMHO.

This is _not_ a flame. I do not agree with your position, but I will
honor your right to it.

> You _CAN_ share any interrupt. It takes extra hardware. A board
> that supports this _CAN_ share IRQ4 between COM1 and COM3.
> _BUT_ not all boards have this capability.
> Interesting. You said in your original message that *all* boards have
> this capability, and this is simply not correct.

You are mis-quoting me...and you know it. You quoted me correctly
in this same message as saying that, _I_ have never had one of
the non-sharing boards you so vehemently claim to be the only
kind in existence. I'll assume your memory is poor, and not take
it personally.

I have the original messages if you, or anybody, wants them.
I stand by everything I've written. I alwyas do.

> If your message causes
> novices to have hope that they can actually share COM1 and COM3 using a
> "generic COM 1/2/3/4 serial port", you will have just increased the
> amount of work I have to do --- because I feel I have a responsibility
> to help out newbies who send me e-mail asking for help --- and I don't
> have the time to deal with this nonsense.

What is so hard for a NOVICE to understand? I stated quite clearly in
my first message that if you are unsure, assume your board doesn't
support interrupt sharing. What part of that is confusing?

> Please don't spew mis-information, while sounding authoratative. Those
> people who sound like they know what they are talking about really annoy
> those of us who do. :-)
> - Ted

"Mis-information"?!?! That is both a false and arrogant statement,
but I have a sense of humour and understand what you meant.

Remember, make sure to forward all serial interrupt inquiries to me.
(Not serial driver inquiries).

I think it is safe to assume no more discussion on this topic is

- --
Andrew E. Mileski
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