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SubjectRe: Virus 'protection' departitionment

Thorin Kend Linderholm <> wrote:
> I just ran f-prot virus protection(in dos) and it said it found and
>cleaned the ripper virus on my second drive, the one with a dos, linux swap,
>and ext-2 partition. It decided I really had one huge dos partition and
>wrote that on my MBR. Does anyone know any way to rewrite the MBR with the
>correct information witout losing all the data on my drive?

As others have said, you can use linux fdisk to recreate the correct
partition table, assuming you know exactly what was in it.

I have a program that can scan your disk and look for the ext2fs super blocks.
I sent it to the ext2fs maintainers a while ago, and was told it might
be included in the next set of utils. I don't know if it is there or not.

If not, I can forward you the source. It's about 20 or 30 lines, actually.
(I can give you a static a.out binary if that helps; I don't do ELF yet.)


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