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SubjectRe: IDE errors with 2.0.11

In Kevin M Bealer writes:

>These critters appeared on all the open VC's (or is it VT's?)
>today. This is with 2.0.11 and a Maxtor 520 MB (about) hard
>drive, a few years old, IDE.

>hda: write_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
>hda: write_intr: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }

>I have had this happen with recent kernels.. (I may have
>mentioned it before on here). These are very intermittent, and
>at least the recent ones haven't shown visible (to e2fsck)
>filesystem corruption.

>Is this a harmless error? Does it mean corruption? Is my drive
>creeping towards the ancient IDE burial ground?

Had the same problems last night. I thought it had to do with the APM
stuff, as this is the first kernel I have this configured. But my system
is not APM aware (linux indead says 'no APM bios found' or something like
that). I didn't use the system for a couple of hours and then
started to write some files to disk. Things seem to work fine but suddenly
I heared sounds like a disk that is starting up (that is why I think it
has to do with the APM stuff), and get messages like above.
I have two disks in it. The second one (actually containing my root
partition) has no problems at all, but as far as I remember, this second
one is capable of 'suspension' mode, while the first one isn't.
Anyway, all the partitions on this disk are now corrupted, including the
DOS partitions on it (to which I wasn't even writing to :-(
Running fsck on the linux partiton failed. I even got a panic so the machine
just stopped...

What do you guys think? Is it just an IDE code problem, or is APM?


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