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SubjectAWE32 Programming Info (Official) Released!!!!
Hello all.

Creative Labs has FINALLY (yes, and officially even) release the low-level
proggy info for their EMU8000 synth chip! (Yay!) I am about to start
writing the driver, but if someone else wants to help, or try their hand,
(or just see what there is to see) go to
/pub/creative/developer and get adip.exe. It MUST be extracted in DOS,
then the self-extractor within must also be pulled out in DOS. (encrypted)
The password for the encrypted one (this is included in the docs) is
FULLAGREE. Justrun it with -sFULLAGREE -d added on, and there's a PDF
inside called emu8kpgm. Has full register level programming info. Check it
out AWE32 users! (Hooray! We did it - it's about time!)

Derrik Pates
"Some help would be nice... Or a sandwich and a cold beer!!!" --Boston Low,
"The Dig"

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