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SubjectRe: Virus 'protection' departitionment

> I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, if you have a better I'd
> love to know...

> I have an intel PC, IDE, 2 drives, linux is on the second, LIlo is
> on the first on MBR.

> I just ran f-prot virus protection(in dos) and it said it found and
> cleaned the ripper virus on my second drive, the one with a dos, linux swap,
> and ext-2 partition. It decided I really had one huge dos partition and
> wrote that on my MBR. Does anyone know any way to rewrite the MBR with the
> correct information witout losing all the data on my drive?

> BTW, I know the data is still there because my kernel is on that
> drive and lilo can still run it, but of course it can't mount root, cause
> the file system info is wrong in the MBR.

> Any help, even just a better place to ask, would be apreciatd. Oh,
> f-prot will not return my MBR to its pre-'cleaned' status itself, I checked
> that already.

If you remember the sizes of your partitions, you can boot from one of Linux
rescue floppies ( and use fdisk
to put your partitions back - it will modify only MBR, not data, so if you
need several tries it's Ok.

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