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SubjectRe: Linux vm parameters

I think it would be nice if Linux had a few tunable parameters to
allow people to adjust how memory is handled. Settings to control how
agressively Linux swaps and how much free memory is kept would, I think,
be valuable for people who like to fine-tune their memory-management.

Consider a system that sits idle most of the time but
occasionally is hit by huge bursts of network traffic but does little to
no disk access. This system would prefer to keep more free pages for
atomic allocation.

We have a very nice /proc interface for setting these parameters.
Where are they?


On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:

> hi,
> I booted my system, and did nothing much memory-consuming on it.
> X is not running at all. when I try to "insmod isdn.o" I get
> Couldn't get a free page...
> isdn: Could not allocate device-struct.
> I'm having 8MB real, 10MB swap. free says:
> total used free shared buffers
> Mem: 6772 6688 84 7168 156

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