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SubjectRe: proc fs and shared pids
Albert Cahalan <> writes:

>The pid is 16 bits. A 16-bit tid can fit in the top bits to create
>a 32-bit global thread identifier. Users can use pid.tid to identify
>a particular thread, or just the pid to mean everything. Number the
>threads from one and let zero mean "all threads" so that the old
>software works. Then you can "kill -9 1234" for the whole process or
>"kill -9 1234.12" for just thread 12.

I see one problem with this 16bit "thread-ID" idea - it's not
impossible one would need more than 65536 concurrent threads,
and what would one do then? Let's try to avoid stepping into the
640KB-is-more-than-anyone-would-ever-need trap again...

Other than that I think it's a neat idea!

- Peter
Peter Eriksson <> Computer Systems Manager/BOFH
WWW: Phone: +46 13 282786
Linköping University, Department of Physics, S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden

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