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SubjectSecurity flaw when killing a process?

Just one thing I noticed:

I have a very bad CDROM-Drive that often refuses work.
When I try to mount the drive, the mount-process hangs
somewhere in executing kernel routines because the CD-
Drive does not answer. It surely takes 20 minutes until
Linux stops the tries to mount the drive.
During this time it's not possible to kill the mount
process. Not even with a kill -9 PID.

When I do a shutdown then, Linux shuts down with a mount
timeout and does an fsck over all my harddisks neccessarily
when booting the next time.

My question:
It seems that a process can't be killed while executing
system routines. Is this right/wrong?
If this was changed, would it be a security flaw if some-
one can disturb the execution of system routines?


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