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SubjectRe: Oops in get_hash_table

On 6 Aug 1996, Bernd P. Ziller wrote:
> > I'm rather inclined to blame the ISDN code: I don't consider that really
> > stable. I should probably have put the ISDN question as a experimental
> > option, because it was added so late in the 1.3.x tree..
> I am not using the ISDN code, but I experience the same problem. First
> with kernel 2.0.7, then tried with 2.0.10, without success. Since my
> last kernel (1.2.13) did work, I started playing... err compling and
> applying patches...
> After ten or so tries I discovered that kernel V1.3.60 works, but
> V1.3.61 doesn't. So it might be somewhere in patch-1.3.61 ???

Ho humm.. Would you be willing to play around, and look exactly what part
of patch-61 broke on your system? One thing I notice is that that is the
patch that introduced the new IDE driver support.

The 61 patches look like they change
- IDE driver
- loopback uses large MTU
- a.out support is a separate binfmt
- one _small_ buffer.c patch
- locks.c changes
- ip_fw changes

and various minor patches (many of them comments and white-space).

Could you try to pinpoint exactly which part of the above does it for
you? For example, first try to reverse the buffer.c patch, then the IDE
drivers patches (if you have IDE support) and then the others (depending
on what you have compiled into the kernel). It would help em a lot if you
can narrow it down even further..


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