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SubjectRe: Oops in get_hash_table

Hi Linus!

> Ho humm.. Would you be willing to play around, and look exactly what part
> of patch-61 broke on your system? One thing I notice is that that is the
> patch that introduced the new IDE driver support.
> Could you try to pinpoint exactly which part of the above does it for
> you? For example, first try to reverse the buffer.c patch, then the IDE
> drivers patches (if you have IDE support) and then the others (depending
> on what you have compiled into the kernel). It would help em a lot if you
> can narrow it down even further..

I will do my very best ;)

Another thing to mention is that I compiled various 2.0.10 kernels,
with and without support for scsi, ether, tokenring. And I can tell
you that all kernels *without* tokenring worked! But including the
tokenring driver, the 'dd' - 'test' broke within a few seconds
resulting in a segmentation fault (EIP:get_hash_table).

And the tokenring driver doesn't seem to work at all, but I have a
1.2.13 - TR-Kernel in a different machine with the same card which

I haven't tried this kernel in the new machine yet, but I will do so
in the next minutes.

Perry Rhodan - Blind Guardian - Megadeth Pages

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