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SubjectRe: reading ide cdroms
> Reading IDE cdroms, (doing cp's to my hard disk) I sometimes get
> "IO error".
> What I'm doing is
> cp -v -R --update <cdrom> <destination>
> until its done (the IO error is inconsistent).
> I'm running 2.0...( I just tried to identical operation on another machine
> and had no problem).
> I had the problem about 5 times in a row when I transfered from IDE CDROM
> to scsi HD.
> When I transfered from IDE CDROM to IDE DISK, it worked (timing?)

I had the same problem when I was mounting my SCSI HD and copying from
the IDE HD to SCSI. Was using the AHA2940W driver. This was with
1.3.20-30 ish kernels. Solaris lives there now so I haven't tried it
in a while. At the time it was a DOS fs (the SCSI).


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