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SubjectAMD586/133 choose 486 or Pentium???
Can anyone recommend the correct/preferred selection for "Processor type" 
(CONFIG_M386) when compiling for the AMD P75 aka AMD-586/133?

As far as I know, this chip is not a Pentium clone, but just a juiced up
486. However, will the kernel run better if I select Pentium?

I ask this question because of the following lines in

> (albeit not optimally fast), you can specify "386" here. If you
> specify "486" or "Pentium" or "PPro", then the kernel will run on
> 486 and Pentium (=586) and Pentium Pro (=686) CPUs. In rare cases,
> it can make sense to specify "Pentium" even if running a 486:

William E. Roadcap
TITUS Software
Waynesboro, Va (USA)

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