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SubjectRe: HP4020i (CD-R) software under Linux ...

You will need two tools and possibly a recompilation of your kernel.

1. You'll need to get a program called mkisofs this will turn a directory
structure into a raw cd track image. It can be retrieved via anonymous ftp

2. You will then have to get a program called cdwrite which will write a
raw data track image onto a cdr. This can be found (via anonymous ftp) at

3. You will have to have scsi generic support compiled into your kernel
for cdwrite to work, you will want to make a symlink from /dev/sg?
(depending on which general scsi device your worm drive is (the first
shown in the kernel startup messages is /dev/sga etc. [be careful with
this you don't want to accidentally spam your hard drive trying to burn a
cd])) to /dev/cdwriter { the default device that cdwrite tries to write
to }.


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