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SubjectRe: SyQuest EZ135Mb drive and linux
> 	There is a driver for the parallel port Syquest.
> Go to And the EZ-drive
> parallel port model driver is in the kernel already!

Just a bit of clarification: is the home page for the
linux-syquest mailing list, which just moved to on Saturday. is the home page for the Parallel Port
EZ135 and EZ230 device driver.

The driver is NOT actually in the kernel at this time. The major
number is allocated in devices.txt, but it won't be integrated until
Linus opens the 2.1 tree. You can get the source file from the web
page and build it as a module. You do not need to patch the kernel
at all to use it.

The ez driver may also work with other products that incorporate
Shuttle Technologies' EPAT chip - with some minor modifications.

There is a mailing list where these things are discussed, its home
page is at .

Grant R. Guenther

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