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Subjectprocesses, seen from kernel
A few odd questions:

How would I iterate over all the processes?
While looking at processes, how do I determine if a process
has IO privs?
has mapped physical/kernel memory?
is root or group root?
is somewhat root? (EUID, UID, GID, ...)
is real-time scheduled?
is protected from SIGKILL?
While looking at processes, how do I determine the number of
unshared dirty pages?
copies running?

I'm hoping it will not be too hard to at least put a small dent
in the old out-of-VM problem. I hate it when the X server dies.
BTW, X needs to be protected. As a user "startx" and "kill -9" can
be used to completely mess up the Linux console. Even if it is
running completely as root, Netscape and xv can be used to make
the kernel kill X.

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