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SubjectRe: in.ntalkd locking up.

I had the same problem back when I worked at an ISP that used
Linux-based systems. My solution was to disable ntalkd. After people
screamed for a few months, I finally gave in and added in resource limits
to ntalkd. Recompiling helped a bit. I'm really curious to find out what
the actual problem is and what the solutions is.


On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Dan Merillat wrote:

> Ok, I saw 2 other people on this list have had the problem,
> where in.ntalkd goes into uninteruptable sleep for unknown reasons.
> however, unlike them, I had a load up to 25 one morning when I got in.
> something like 20 or 21 of it was due to these locked processes.
> Does anyone know what's triggering it? I assume it's some sort of ntalkd
> bug, but I have no idea why it locking so badly.
> --Dan

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