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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . . Last words!
Hi you all out there!

I know, it's meanwhile bothering to see this thread doesn't end ;-)
But I just had one single thought, which quite shook me, when I had it.

So, here it comes:

"Political Correctness" is in other words, someone, who want's to force
you to "speak the way *HE* likes".

This is something we already had here in germany. 50 years ago.
They called themselves "Nazis".

Their way to use language they wanted, led to mass-book-burnings. :-(

Well. They burnt much, much more. - But that's another story. :-(((((

In my eyes, someone who want's to force me to use a different way
to express my thoughts, suppresses me. - I never ever want to happen
things like in the 3rd Reich again!

"Wehret den Anfaengen!" - Beware the beginnings!

In my eyes, there's a MAJOR difference between "politeness" and
"political correctness". - The first is something, intelligent
people are doing mostly without any notion. Nobody needs to tell them.
The latter is not natural! It will always be enforced.

I say, there are times, when a good curse lightens your heart,
and there should always be the possiblity to do so.
But on the other hand, there are times, when it's better to keep
ones mouth shut. - May God give us the wiseness, to determine,
when to do what.

This is defintely the last I'll write to that theme. :-)

Yours, sincerely


Herbert Wengatz, 81375 Munich |Disclaim: This Mail is my own opinion,
Office |not that of my company. |
"Excellence is a moving target."

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