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SubjectRe: Sound driver and xquake problem

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Hallow wrote:

> Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:14:46 -0400
> From: Hallow <>
> To:
> Newsgroups:
> Subject: Re: Sound driver and xquake problem
> According to ddt (the gentleman who wrote the linux port),
> the kernel in 1.3.8x returns a 2 for stereo sound. This
> number is used internally by xquake for a couple of different
> things. As you can see above 2.0.x kernels are returning 0,
> that's why you get an FPE - it's trying to divide by 0,
> and everyone knows you can't do that.

Quick fix: compile the sound driver as a module and have it return 2
at the appropriate point. rename it to qsound.o and insmod before
running quake. Leave a normal sound.o around for other apps.

Ugly, yes. but you get to kill baddies in sterio.


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