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SubjectRstatd changes.

Ok, just a quick question,

I hadn't noticed exactally when, but somewhere in the 1.3.x development
there was a change that broke some functions used by rstatd. It
returns (correcty) cpu, packets, disk activity, load, collisons (and
probably errs, but I don't have lots of errors) What's missing, however,
is paging, interrupts, swap and context switches. Anyone know of a new
rstatd that properly returns that? I finally got an actual, usable
xterminal (A sparc 10 that's not running linux... YET ;-) and noticed
that my remote perfmeters wern't returning anything on those columns.
(And, unless my knowledge of intel arcetecture is wrong, I believe I'm
still getting interrupts on my x86 linux box.


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