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I just released Linux-2.0.11, which mainly contains various device driver
patches, notably the IDE patches. With 2.0.11, I (and I'm sure Mark will
underwrite that too) sincerely hope that the IDE driver now works for
everybody. I hope people will try this out, and make really sure that is
indeed the case.

The 2.0.11 kernel also contains the ELF fixes that make it work on the alpha
(and potentially other architectures too). As such, you should be able to use
a standard kernel with the upcoming ELF/alpha release.

A big thanks to Mark who worked overtime on the IDE problems, and
everybody who tested and have been doing other things..

Btw, people have been complaining about the chaos of 2.0.x. I can only say
that most of the problems are simply because people don't try out
pre-releases. I _tried_ to get people to try out the "pre-2.0" kernels (the
only reason I did the numbering change was the psychological angle on people
who wouldn't otherwise have tried it out), but 2.0 obviously had more users

With more users comes more problem reports, and it takes a while to fix
them. I'm not making excuses, quite the reverse: I urge you all to update
your kernels so that we _can_ get the problems fixed. Send in problem
reports, and we'll slowly get a kernel that hopefully works for everybody.


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