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SubjectRe: > 64mb with 2.0.10 (Question Answered!+Interesting Info)
I don't want to help turn this great mailing list into a newsgroup with 
all this "non" kernel related stuff, but this is defenately a great place
to find info! Within 6 hours of posting my original question about how
to get linux to recognize more than 64mb of mem, I had 8 responses in my
inbox! I'd say that is much better support than I ever got from sun!
Anyway, I would just like to thank everyone who responed.

Here is a note for the "Using Linux in the Real World File": I am using
Linux for Intel (2.0.10) on a Dual Pentium Pro 200 with 256mb of memory
and 10gig of high speed storage (Fast/Wide SCSI) to do very intense
atomic collision and energy studies for the Department of Energy.
Previously, these studies were conducted on the Cray 2's at Livermore
National Laboratory (NERSC). The great thing is that my new system is
out performing the Cray 2's by a factor of 2-3 on the jobs I run. This
is probably mostly due to my new systems fast i/o, but even on "light"
i/o jobs, it still outperforms it. I just did another test case where I
ran a job on both the new Cray C90 at LLNL and on my machine, and they
both came out about the same. So, as far as I am concerned, I have a
cray sitting on my desk! (actually, laying on the floor next to my desk
:). Who says Linux can't do "real world" stuff!!

Thanks again...
Chris Griffin

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