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SubjectRe: SyQuest EZ135Mb drive and linux
> I was wondering if there is any work being done on these new wave of
> parellel port storage devices like ZIP drives and my most recent purchase
> a SyQuest EZ135....If there isnt a driver for it...i could probably write
> one. But i have not had much experiece writing device drivers under
> it a real bitch or what? any help or info is greatly
> apprecited....

I guess you didn't look around very much before asking :-)

The parallel ZIP drive has been supported in the official kernel
distribution since 1.3.74. A driver for the EZ135 has been available
since May, although it won't get included in the official kernel until
Linus opens up the the 2.1 tree. Meanwhile you can find it, and links
to other related projects at

Grant R. Guenther

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