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Subjectreal-time on linux?
I have looked through a lot of the documentation
but I have not found the answer to this:
1-)can the new linux kernel be configured to handle
real-time applications?
2-)if so, what kind of context switching period
is it able to acheive *without* going inside the kernel
code and changing the basic values of the internal
clocking mechanism.
3-)Is there a concerted effort by the kernel
programers to acheive the POSIX.4 standard for
providing programmers with a library of standard
real-time system calls as, described in
the book "Programming for the Real World: POSIX.4"
by B.O. Gallmeister in the O'Reilley series.
4-)anyone has experience they want to share about
compiling a *very small* linux kernel to handle real
time applications?

I've been looking all over for this info, and
I just can't find a thing. I really hope I did not
offend the etiquette of this list.
Best regards,
Claude Lacoursiere.

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