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SubjectRe: AWE32 Programming Info (Official) Released!!!!
I know that Creative Labs has released a driver for Microsoft operating
systems that allows full duplex operation of the SoundBlaster, very
useful for telephone operations. Unfortunately, USS Lite doesn't support
full-duplex operations of the SoundBlaster.

Does the information in the AWE32 programming manual cover normal
sound operations, too? Would it indicate a method to use full duplex?
I've been waiting to use full duplex on my SoundBlaster AWE32 under
Linux for ages now, since otherwise the bidirectional voice software
is quite difficult to use. Is this a limitation of the USS Lite
drivers that are in the Linux kernel, or of the information previously
or currently available on how to program the cards, or of the kernel?

Also, oddly enough, now that the information is publically available,
the site with the code to use it does *not* allow users to see the
reverse engineered guide or the modplayer that you reference above.
What is this all about?

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