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SubjectRe: TCP/buffering changes
 2.0.14   vs. pre2.0.7
------- --------
10 secs 1.5 secs hmmmmm.....

Ok, I'm not sure what has happened, but something between Smaba and the
newer kernels is a little off. With the pre2.0.7 (one I just happened to
keep), My smaba server delivered files faster than most of the older
harddrives. For example, a 486K file gets served in about 1.4~1.6
seconds. With the same samba binaries, same hardware, and the latest
kernels (2.0.14) this same 486K file gets served in 9.98~12 seconds.
A little give and take is ok, but I'm starting to catch some real bad
Ok, stupid things first... Yes, I have recompiled the Smaba binaries,
Yes, I have tried new versions of Samba. No change. The only thing that
speeds things up is the pre2.0.7 kernel. I dont know which kernel rev
between pre2.0.7 and 2.0.14 slowed things down, sorry.

Pentium 133, 48Meg core, Adapetc 2940 SCSI, Triton IDE, 3c509
running samba-1.9.15p6 and have tried samba-1.9.16alpha12 (no difference)

Is there any other info that is important?

Darren Crane

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