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SubjectRe: more NCR53c8xx ext2 problems.

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Todd J Derr wrote:

> if you want to look at my log of errors from the past week, you can
> get it from Beware if you
> unzip it that it's really 6.72MB. (ah, if i could only get 157:1
> compression on every file :)

I just dowloaded it: sort + uniq -> about 800k. So it is easier to edit.

For the moment, I just observed the following:

Apart some "entry across blocks" errors, each offset seems to be a
multiple of 1024, so I think that, each time you got an error, a whole
directory block pointed by the ext2 directory look up code was _wrong_.

The "entry across blocks errors" may be explained if the beginning of the
_wrong_ block looks like something not bad enough to be detected wrong by
the code.

The size of the directory that has problem is very large (about 400 K).
(Very hard to cach it in the (old) buffer cache under high disk load)


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