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SubjectRe: Linux support denial in commercial products?
I'd _really_ like to hear this MS guy explain what he means beyond
hand waving. Is there a real problem or does he have no idea what
he is talking about?

We could be looking at what happened to DR-DOS. MS put out claims that
their DOS _will_ do (not does) what DR-DOS does and DR-DOS will be
incompatible with Win-3.11. None of this was true but it was part
of the mis-information campaign to kill competition. They may be
starting the same thing with Linux.

People really need to consider the ethics (or lack of) at MS when
deciding to use/support their products.


> Thomas Griffing ( wrote:
> >By the way ... Did I really hear that Microsoft is going
> >to port Explorer to Linux?
> I asked a Microsoft guy about this and he said the because Linux
> can't do the graphics that other Unicies and (as he pointed to the large
> screen) Windows can do, they cannot port it to Linux. ???????! I always
> thought that X was X, but MS must make it more complex. When I said,
> "But I thought X was just plain X." He said that no, Linux just doesn't
> have the capability. Whatever. I think MS is afraid of Linux.
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> Jeffrey Gustafson --
> Technical Specialist & SysAdmin
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> Packard Bell Electronics, Inc.

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