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SubjectRe: DE4X5 and kernel 2.0.X
> Do anyone face a problem like me . In the past i use dec4x5 on
> broad in my server and it die with no log every 1 or 2 days . Now i change
> to use another card it never die.

we too use a DEC4x5 in our server and we almost had the same Problem,
the machine died with no logs after some hours or 1-2 days.
At the moment i use a 2.0.3 with #define SADISTIC_KMALLOC in mm/kmalloc.c
which seems to be 'stable' as the machine ist now up 8 days, 20:26.
Do you have more hints that this is caused by the de4x5 ?


x(f,s,c)char *s;{return f&1 ? *s ? *s-c ? x(f,++s,c) :7[s]:0:f&2
? x(--f,"!/*,xq-ih9]c$=le&M t)r\nm@p31n%ag.8}Sdoy",c):f&4 ? *s ?
x(f,s+1,putchar(x(f-2,"^&%!*)",*s))) : 0 : 0;}main(){return x(4,
"]!x/mhicn$!iihle&!x/mhiM$agimr%p !r@p%he&!x/mhiM !r@p%he",65);}

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