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You said, quoting me first,

: People make mistakes, even in FreeBSD. But in Linux, they get corrected NOW,

> They get corrected in FreeBSD (and NetBSD and OpenBSD) in the same
> timely manner, to imply otherwise would be disengenuous.
> [ etc ]

Ok, I phrased that badly. I was really replying to Jonathan's statement that
the FreeBSD folks don't "treat something like this", which seemed to imply
contempt for the public on the part of Linux developers. He was angry, of
course, and admitted as much, but I'd been (and still am) closely involved
in beta-testing Mark Lord's privately-sent patches to very code in question,
so it rather irritated me.

The real point of my message was "Before screaming Bloody Murder, contact
the programmer". (Easy enough to say when your whole school hasn't gone
down, -- but true nonetheless.)

So, I apologize for the unintended insult to The Other System, but I stand
by what I said otherwise. And as for cmd640, take it from my first-hand
experience: Mark's patches, the latest (and probably the last) of which I
just received, are MUCH BETTER CODE than what broke, and, if all goes well,
they'll become official early in the coming week.

- Bob McCracken

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