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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel / C++
In message <>, mas writes:
>Is it feasible to have the kernel compile just as cleanly if the compiler
>is set to g++ instead of gcc? My guess is it can be done but it would take
>an enourmous amount of changes to do it, and to have it compile cleanly.
>Has anyone considered moving the kernel on to C++? I'm not saying using
>objects and streams and all, that would require a complete rewrite of the
>kernel and probably end up really slow anyway.. I just think it would be
>useful to have stronger typecasting and the other features that g++
>offers, and to have it made _available_ for use in a module or whatnot.

We did it, but stopped using the C++ front end when it became apparant
that it lagged far behind the gcc C front end in terms of generating
correct code; especially with volatiles.

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