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SubjectRe: Linux support denial in commercial products?
On Sun, 18 Aug 1996 wrote:

> Thomas Griffing <> wrote:
> > But I am greatly encouraged by companies like Caldera and
> > Red Hat, and others who are doing or getting ports of
> > commercial software to Linux.
> Agreed.
> > By the way ... Did I really hear that Microsoft is going
> > to port Explorer to Linux?
> HAR-harharhar!!!
> Geez, I needed a good larf about now too!! :-(*)

You may be laughing louder and longer. I read that MS intend to
release Unix Internet explorers next year! I'm going to be interested
to see how late they are, and in addition, how buggy they are.
Windows -> X programming is not that simple a transformation; cf
Wordperfect for Unix 5.1.

> Cheers
> Tony (who wonders how such rumours are started:)


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