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SubjectRe: getting Linux into business..

Albert Cahalan writes:
-> [My original assertion... ]
-> > What it comes down to, is Linux is a developer-driven product and not
-> > a market-driven product. This is good, IMHO, because what ends up in
-> > Linux is what makes sense, not what marketing wants. The numbering
-> > system isn't going to change. It doesn't need to. It's a fairly
-> > standard numbering scheme. It doesn't need to be the same version
-> > system as M$. As for the rest of the items you mentioned.
-> >
-> > a) Do it yourself
-> > b) Pay someone to do it
-> > c) Wish real hard :)
-> >

-> Not exactly. Tell a few Linux vendors you will buy Linux from them
-> if they implement your favorite feature. If you don't ask for too
-> much at once, I think you could get your feature implemented.
-> Be honest and buy lots of stuff from whoever codes it for you.

This falls under the category of "Pay for it". Since the vendors
can't make 'private' versions of linux and distribute to only paying
customers, the motivation probably involves etra payment for the extra
development (either as one user or a group of interested users). Sort
of like Cygnus does with GNU products - they make your development
priorities theirs for a fee. This is how the free software model
tends to work. Presumably, Caldera or the Linux-FT gang, or the like
might have more incentive to do this on a "You'll sell more copies if
you do this" basis, but because of the GPL model, it will more likely
involve some sort of more direct payment for the development effort.

I could be wrong, but I don't tend to see Linux significantly
diverting from the GNU development model. You may point out Caldera,
but I tend to think of that as more along the lines of what Lucid did
with Lucid Emacs (now XEmacs). Development that in some way enables
the commercial offerings they bundle with it.

Just my 2c


Larry Daffner | Linux: Unleash the workstation in your PC! /
Life is too important to take seriously. -- Corky Siegel

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