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SubjectRe: Telnet does not work in 2.0.10 ??
I have observed that behavior if you have had a prior session on the same interface /ip address
that has stalled somehow (broken signal handling in the kernel, or a broken software, broken networking?)
This behavior started somewhere in 1.3.X.

Kill that stalling process and you will be able to login again.

Michael Slater ( wrote:
: When using Linux kernel version 2.10, Telnet seems to be broken.
: I cant even telnet to localhost. It says trying and just sits
: there and does nothing. Telneting from another Linux Box into the same
: machine does not work either. But if i telnet in from a Windows machine over
: the ethernet, it works just fine. Anybody have a clue whats wrong ?
: Thanks
: Michael Slater

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