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SubjectRe: libelf (was: Re: Stack segment)
   Date: 	Thu, 1 Aug 1996 03:37:13 +0200
From: Michael Riepe <>

In case you don't have libelf, the most recent version (0.6.4) is in

Quick fix for the configuration script, elf.h should be checked for
before sys/elf.h because if plain elf.h exists it usually is the
prefferred file to use because it will in most cases include sys/elf.h
and then define more things you need.

--- configure.~1~ Tue Jul 30 18:10:22 1996
+++ configure Wed Jul 31 20:13:53 1996
@@ -1035,7 +1035,7 @@

- for h in sys/elf.h elf.h; do
+ for h in elf.h sys/elf.h; do
cat > conftest.$ac_ext <<EOF
#line 1041 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"

'Ooohh.. "FreeBSD is faster over loopback, when compared to
Linux over the wire". Film at 11.' -Linus

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