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SubjectRe: Linux NFS Problem

Thanks Russ for your reply.

Do you know if I can setup a parameter on the NFSD that can increase the
delay time ?

What I mean is that if it's possibility to ask the system to wait a more
longer before saying that there is an NFS Problem.

I'm asking you this because the time that passes from NFS NOT RESPONDING and
NFS OK is very short.

Thanks in advance
From: russ
To: Carlo.Stramaglia
Cc: linux-kernel
Subject: Re: Linux NFS Problem
Date: 08 July 1996 18:12

> Dear All,
> I'm installing a NFS Boot Server for 65 Diskless Clients.
> The problem is that after booting 40 PC's the other clients become to
> receive errors like:
> I'm using a Slackware version 3.0 of linux for the Boot Server and I'm
> the Bootpd 2.4 deamon.
> Does anybody have a similar installation ?
> Do I have to use another version of RPC.NFSD ?
> Is there a way of tuning the kernel for handling more than 40 users ?

It's quite possible that you've just overloaded your NFS server.
The messages you are seeing are one symptom of an overloaded server
that can't respond to client requests fast enough.

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