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SubjectProcessor type not loaded by menuconfig (2.0.4)
I haven't been able to find anything about this in any documentation or on
the kernel mailing list, but I apologize if this has been hashed out

Using the 2.0 kernels, when I load an alternate configuration file, the
processor type from that file is not loaded. When I first untar the kernel
and run the menuconfig, the processor type is set to "386". But when I try
to load my kernel config file, which contains a "CONFIG_M586=y", the
processor type is still "386", and I have to change it to Pentium
manually. Until I "make mrproper" or untar pristine kernel source, the
processor type remains "Pentium." This bug has been present during the
kernels of the pre2.0.0 series that I've tried, and all of the 2.0.x

Since the Processor type config option seems to be the only one that uses
the "choice" function, I would venture a guess that the bug is in that

If I have time during the next few days, I will try to narrow down the
kernel where the problem started, but I doubt I will have time. :(

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