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    SubjectLinux 2.0.4 (and a small patch, d*mn)
    I made 2.0.4 - it contains some minor fixes, and I hoped it would fix the sound
    stuff, but I already got my first patch for a missing semi-colon in
    sb_common.c. Damn, I hate it when that happens. As you can probably all guess,
    I don't use the sound support at all - I consider it nice but not relevant to
    what I do, and the way the config is set up I can't really test it without
    going bananas so I have to rely on Hannu and you others out there.

    Anyway, 2.0.4 looks largish, but a lot of that is just ppc-specific updates
    that don't touch anything else (so that I later will have an easier time
    keeping in sync). There are various minor driver updates in there too, along
    with a few very small POSIX.1 patches.

    If you have problems with the sound driver, you'll get a rather obvious parse
    error compiling it - just add a ";" at the end of the appropriate line. Sorry
    about that, I was hoping that these silly problems would be gone by now.

    Thanks to all testing it out,


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