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SubjectncrBsd2Linux available

ncrBsd2Linux-1.12a-src.tar.gz is available at:

- /pub/Linux/Incoming

FreeBSD NCR53C8XX SCSI driver adapted to Linux
Fast, Wide, Tagged Queue, Parity support

Primary-site: /pub/linux/ALPHA/scsi

Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/scsi

What's new?

1 - New control command "clearprof": clear profile counters.
2 - 32 bit / 64 bit data checked.
3 - Some tests done with Linux/Alpha.
Thanks to Harald Koenig and Matthew Geier.
4 - New email address of the maintainer:
5 - Tested under linux-2.0.1
6 - Misc. changes:
- Use of jiffies for time calculations (rather than xtime)
- Async message 1-3-1-ff-0 changed to 1-3-1-0-0: avoid unexpected
disconnection from some CD/ROM devices.
- Etc..

What's unchanged?

1 - This driver is not a part of the official kernel distribution.
2 - I always enjoy with Linux and I am not going to switch to another
operating system.

What'll change?

If you intend to try this driver under Linux/Alpha, just have to known that:
1 - Last week, the driver seemed to work on Harald's and Matthew's configurations.
Since these tests, I have made some changes in the source that have not yet
been tested under Linux/Alpha.
2 - Harald has reported to me that memory mapped IO does not work under
So force NORMAL IO at "make config" step for linux-2.0.X.


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