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SubjectBroke Makefile in Linux.
The reason I ask why is it looks like the normal operation
of a Makefile has been deliberately written out of the Linux Makefile.
As a result I dread reconfiguring and trying new things because
everytime everything is rebuilt. I consider my time too valuable
to wait on a recompile when it appears to be >90% useless.
This breakage seems to be consistant with the guidelines
to make clean, before make. Although it also suggests a make dep.
Why bother with make dep if you are going to remake everything
anyway. I would volunteer to maintain the Makefiles if it could
be used to selectively rebuild only those items that needed it.
At this time it seems like it would be wasted effort because
each time a new distribution or patch came out, My revised Makefile
would be overwritten by the new.
I don't recall this as being the case in the 0.9x and
1.1x days when I was previously active with the kernel and GCC but
even with a much faster computer rebuilding the kernel is a much
bigger pain than it used to be.
Surely, the Makes can be organized so that a total rebuild
would only be required in dire circumstances. A minor configurtion
change should not key it.

Hubert Bahr

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