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SubjectRe: Ohhh not this now!??!??

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > I noticed a similiar problem with the "improved" CMD640 code from 2.0.10.
> > It simply hangs the system after detection of the second drive on the
> > secondary interface. This is 100% reproductable.
> >
> > Marcin
> >
> Works fine for me. Are you sure this is it? Did you say yes to "multiple
> device driver support"? (Don't)

Yes I'm 100% sure. The problem is really in the cmd640.c code. This code
uses his own PCI routines, which are compleatly independant from the
bios32 stuff. The problem lies therin that during the initialization some
register write operations to the CHIP are causing the system to HANG UP

I suppose that the values for ds_time should be taken more conservatively.


PS. The Chip I'm using is the CMD640B.

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