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SubjectRe: posix realtime - how to use (was posix 4 extensions)
Hi again.

Well, we've looked at what is available for real time scheduling, and we've
started to play around with it. We're looking at fiddling the task structure
parameters while inside a device driver, to set the calling tasks scheduling
policy and priority, and we're still trying to figure out how to selectively
force a re-scheduling so the real time tasks run when we exit from an interrupt
service routine in the device driver. Our current efforts aren't working too
well. In particular, we seem to be taking a big performance hit and we seem to
be missing interrupts, tho' at this stage we can't tell for sure just what is
happening. Though we do have embedded systems real time experience, we don't
have a lot of experience with doing this sort of thing with Linux.

The question is, Does anyone? Do you know of anyone, or is there anyone out
there who has used real time scheduling with Linux? We'd really like to hear
from anyone who has used this seriously (or even playfully). Likewise, if anyone
has got any utilities/samples/guidelines/doco related to Linux realtime, please
drop us a line.

Meanwhile, while we're waiting to hear from everyone, we'll keep exper meNtin g


PS Stephen
>> There was a BOF session at the Berlin LinuxKongress where real time linux was
>>discussed, btw.
Is this discussion on the net somewhere? Where would I find it?


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