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Subjectsyslog.conf question
I'm trying to direct all messages produced by the kernel,
incoming/outgoing mail, rlogin/telnet messages and such to different files
in my system.

In /etc/syslog.conf i have these 2 lines (and a couple more, but they are
not interresting):

*.*;mail.none /var/adm/errors
mail.* /var/adm/mail

And it works (halfway anyway)... No mail-messages is written to the
"errors" file, they are written to the "mail" file. But now the strange
things starts. All rlogin/telnet messages is written to the "mail" file
also... Why does this happen?? Have i done something wrong??


! Johan Sassner, Tranbärsvägen. 23:19, S-372 38 Ronneby (Sweden) !
! Software Engineering - TEaM KeSo - !

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