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SubjectRe: kernel patch archive
> Anyway current highlights of the archive include:
> fast approaching 100 patches including...
> latest ipv6 patches
> the fabled serial console patch
> the supermount patch
> the excellent pentium memcpy patch
> preliminary posix-v6 patch
> misc performance patches for people without non-standard hardware
> various new kernel allocators (slab allocator, new kmalloc)
> Plug 'n' play patches
> patch to access doublespaced/drivespaced partitions
> kernel encryption patches
> undelete patch
> mac hfs patches..
> lots more...
> As always, /incoming is waiting for your uploads.

If my sig-stack patch is there please remove it. It was incomplete
and I am waiting for 2.1 (patiently) to do a solid implementation.
The patch did support forking but it didn't adequately handle
quite a few things.

I had wanted to support mmapping the alt-stack as a GROWSDOWN
area so you could have a sig-stack that grows, and lots of other
stuff, but the patch was half-hearted since I was assured it
wouldn't go in 2.0.

Melvin Smith

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