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Subjectkernel patch archive

It would seem that the kernel patch archive at has
become rather popular. It's a service I would like to continue to
provide, but at the moment I'm pushed for time to keep the thing fully up
to date, especially on the "under-development" patches.

Anyone wanting to assist keeping an eye on the most recent patches and
keeping the archive current, should drop me a mail. Anyone wanting to
improve the archive by devising a directory structure for it, or an
index, or a web page interface is also welcome do so.

Anyway current highlights of the archive include:

fast approaching 100 patches including...

latest ipv6 patches
the fabled serial console patch
the supermount patch
the excellent pentium memcpy patch
preliminary posix-v6 patch
misc performance patches for people without non-standard hardware
various new kernel allocators (slab allocator, new kmalloc)
Plug 'n' play patches
patch to access doublespaced/drivespaced partitions
kernel encryption patches
undelete patch
mac hfs patches..

lots more...

As always, /incoming is waiting for your uploads.


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