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SubjectRe: Faster depend written in Perl

> > > I have an old 386/33 and running 'make depend' takes a long time.
> > Upgrade! 486 motherboards with CPU are so cheap that there is no
> > excuse.

"In order to run Linux, you need a Pentium with 16 MB of RAM."

Do we really want to start sounding like that other operating system?
(Hint: no.)

On Sat, 27 Jul 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> Not always the case. Quite a few people are running 386's because 486's
> are not cheap (to them, or where they are located).

Or in my case, because the person in question is cheap. I prefer to keep
my 386 and spend my cash on some non-virtual brew, thank you very much.

> Since the perl depend is faster on all machines using it seems to be
> a 2.1 common sense item. Don't however assume all the world can pop
> down the road and buy a 486

Agreed. Is perl considered de rigeur these days, even among the old
timers? Being a new timer, I have always considered it as such, but
maybe I never appreciated awk's advantages. (Are there any?)

Anyway, I appreciate the speedup on my co-pro-less 386/40.

Todd Graham Lewis Linux! Core Engineering
Mindspring Enterprises (800) 719 4664, x2804

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