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SubjectISDN + kernel panic


just for testing, I installed a ISDN-(Nebenstellenanlage.. sorry, no dictionary
here :-( .. , connnected a PC with a Teles and a ISDN-phone to it. this
was just a local ISDN configuration with no possibilty to phone outside
to the real world.
dialing with the phone into the PC cause a kernel panic, but not only
one, the screen was scrolling by quite fast instead. after rebooting
(-> reset button), nothing showed up in the logfile anymore. it was also
impossible to press <scroll-lock> to write down the EIP & registers,
and the kernel panics where spewed on the console endlessly.

thus, i'd like to ask for the following option:
allow that kernel panics are dumped to the serial/parallel port as well,
where a different machine monitoring the port can record them.


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